Dorian Wind Quintet Comissions

The Dorian Wind Quintet has probably commissioned more new works than any other wind ensemble in the history of the genre. Below is a complete listing of all music commissioned by the DWQ.

Adolphe, Bruce Night Journey (1986)
Adolphe, Bruce In the Same Breath (2018)
Adolphe, Bennett, Childs, Hoiby, Perle Anniversary Variations (2001)
Alsina, Carlos A Letter for Wind Quintet (1970)
Asia, Daniel Woodwind Quintet (1998)
Bach, J.S. Goldberg Variations, arr Brant (1973)
Ballard, Louis Ritmo Indio (1969)
Beethoven, Ludwig van Quartet in c# minor, Op. 131, arr. Brant (1970)
Bennett, Richard Rodney Sonata for WWQ and Piano (1986-7)
Berger, Arthur Quintet for Winds (1984)
Berio, Luciano Opus Number Zoo (1951; revised 1970)
Berio, Luciano Ricorrenza
Brahms, Johannes Quartet in c minor, Op. 51, arr. Brant (1970)
Brant, Henry Prevailing Winds (1974)
Brant, Henry Windjammer (1969)
Chadabe, Joel For Woodwinds (1974)
Childs, Billy A Day in the Forest of Dreams (1997)
Childs, Billy Ecosystems (2018)
Cortes, Ramiro Three Movements for Five Wind Instruments (1968)
Davidovsky, Mario Synchronisms No. 8 for Woodwind Quintet and Tape (1977)
Del Tredici, David Belgian Bliss (2012)
Druckman, Jacob “Delizie contente, che l’alma beate” (1973)
Dvorak, Anton Quintet in Eb Major, Op. 51, arr. Jolley (1986)
Foss, Lukas Cave of the Winds (1972)
Harberg, Amanda Suite for Woodwind Quintet (2017)
Hoiby, Lee Sextet for Woodwind Quintet and Piano (1974)
Ilori, Solomon Epo Mbe Ewa Mbe (1964)
Jarrett, Keith* Counterpoint Conversations (1989)
Kraft, Leo The Five Winds (2002)
Perle, George Wind Quintet No. 4 (1984)
Schifrin, Lalo* La Nouvelle Orleans (1987)
Schubert, Franz Moments Musicaux, arr. Adolphe
Subotnick, Morton Misfortunes of the Immortals (1970)
Tchaikowsky, Peter Theme & Variations from Suite #2, arr. Hoiby (1988)
Tower, Joan* Island Prelude (1988)
Trythall, Richard Variations on a Theme by F. J. Haydn (1975)
Veyvoda, Gerald Into the Artifice of Eternity (1971)
Veyvoda, Gerald Through the Looking Glass (1972)


* Part of a three composer consortium commissioning project

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